Virtual Mentoring Programs

The Link Up

Our Virtual Group activities use a holistic foundation that enhances life skills through activities based on a wide range of youth focused topics with support from our team including Professional Mentors and guests, keeping youth engaged, connected. and goal oriented.


Empowering young women through peer-to- peer mentoring, workshops and group activities  with professional guests.


Empowering young men through peer-to- peer mentoring, workshops and group activities  with professional guests.

What's Your Mindset?

Empowering youth through peer to peer and group  discussions with professionals and mentors , enhancing techniques, providing resources and supports to deal with issues that include depression, anxiety stress and trauma.

Skill-Set Coaches

Our Coaches, athletes and guests will  support an open discussion on the importance of  fundamentals,  training techniques, diet,  repetition and  resilience when pursuing individual and/or team improvement.

Mindful Eating

Our professional mentors from the Food Dietetic  and Wellness fields will engage and empower  youth and their parents with understanding the importance of positive choices as it relates to diet, food budgeting/preparation, life balance and  their effects on physical/mental health.

The Cipher

This workshop, mentorship series uses a holistic approach to bring together artists, deejays, composers, producers, designers and promoters with Mentors from various fields.  The Cipher is designed to amplify access, ideas, strategies, templates and resources, while at the same time, increasing opportunities and development in Business, Branding, Marketing/Promotion and Money Management.

The Trauma of Racism

This is an open discussion on the effects of racism on Individuals, Families, Communities, Businesses and Schools with an emphasis  healing, resources and solutions.

Parents, youth & screen time

In process ...

Virtual Training & Supports

Virtual Tutor

Our virtual tutors use a holistic approach to  assist youth who are seeking to improve in various subjects and /or overall grade average in Elementary school, Middle School or High School.

Virtual Volunteer

Are you a student? looking for volunteer hours? Co-op placements?   If you have access online  via tablet ,computer or phone we have your hours.   Volunteers will mentored, trained and placed in leaderships roles for various projects, promotions, programs and service supports.

Each One Teach One

Our virtual Mentorship Training empowers and prepares our youth for leadership roles that include mentoring the younger generation through programs and supports.

Parental Guidance

Empowering single Mothers, Fathers and Couples  through peer-to-peer, group discussions with parents based on a wide range of parenting topics, issues and concerns.  Providing ongoing supports, resources and techniques for younger,  older and soon to be parents from  diverse backgrounds.

That’s a Wrap

Our lead mentors featuring Akani 11 Media will provide in depth insight, strategies and templates with our youth enabling them to lead projects gaining practical experience with recording, writing, editing and presenting which will enhance their knowledge of the digital production process and platforms.

Respect The Tech

Our lead mentors featuring Black Print Media will empower youth through education/training in coding, web design, graphic arts and branding.  This will enable them to gain practical experience with community based leadership opportunities, while increasing their entrepreneurial skills and business acumen.